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Justin Timberlake’s “Filthy” Halftime Show

Justin Timberlake's

Vincent Bufano, Senior Reporter

February 9, 2018

Justin Timberlake headlined the NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show for a second time last Sunday. He is receiving backlash and mixed reviews from critics about his performance. Timberlake seemed to blend in with his numerous backup dancers with a wardrobe that was hideously mismatched, and which had no co...

New Television Releases Excite and Tantalize

image courtesy of Google images

January 24, 2017

The Crown: The Crown is a riveting drama chronicling the start of Queen Elizabeth II reign after the death of her father, George VI. Her ascension to power as a 25-year-old with only her limited education as a princess behind her, results in innumerable challenges. From her coronation (the first to...

Fall TV Guide

Maia Franco, Sports Editor

September 16, 2015

It seems that when there is warm weather, there is simply nothing good to watch on TV. From early May to late September, there is nothing on TV but prime time reruns and game shows. Now that school has started and the leaves are falling, all of the shows that left us with cliff hangers are back to save us and end this b...


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Sam Abate, Co Entertainment Editor

October 7, 2014

  The long awaited season premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show is finally upon us.  Fans of the television series have been waiting approximately eight months for the show to return to FX. Its season premiere is on Wednesday, October 8th at 10PM. After reading multiple critic reviews and ...

Let Him Be

Jackson's hologram

Elias Kotsis, Entertainment Editor

May 21, 2014

The Billboard Music Awards offer artists who didn’t win a Grammy another shot. The awards are statistically determined, using data such as plays on the air and downloads, not votes. The night is filled with scantily-dressed performers, celebrities who have difficulty reading a teleprompter (thank you K...

All About Dollars and Sense

Luisa Rinaudo, Viewpoint Editor

April 5, 2014

      Surfing through the T.V. guide on the weekends is a gift of leisure during the busy school year, so when I found some time to do so I was elated, to my dismay there were not any shows of interest.  My last resort, the reality show channels.  They contained purely mind numbing programs tha...

American Horror Story: Coven

American Horror Story: Coven

Jessica Fisher, Staff Writer

November 6, 2013

On Wednesday, October 9th at 10 PM, FX aired the highly anticipated premiere of the third installment of American Horror Story. In this hour long episode, creator Ryan Murphy displayed many “horrific” sights: a skinless face, the tortured slaves of LaLaurie, a woman burned at the stake, the application...

Breaking Bad: The Final Season Review

Spencer Mullen, Managing Editor

October 5, 2013

(Spoilers, obviously) “You see, technically, chemistry is the study of matter, but I prefer to see it as the study of change.” Throughout the 62 episodes of the series we watched Walter White change from a milquetoast cancer stricken chemistry teacher into a violent and arrogant crime ...

How We Met the Mother

The core cast of How I Met Your Mother

Elias Kotsis, Managing Editor

June 15, 2013

A couple of years ago, my friends told me, “Hey Elias, go look up ‘Nothing Suits Me like a Suit’ on YouTube, you’ll love it!” I had no idea what they were talking about. Regardless of my confusion, I listened to their advice and searched it that night. My search request was answered with t...

Mad Men: Season 6 Preview

Season 6 of Mad Men starts with a special 2 hour premier. Courtesy of Google Images.

April 7, 2013

Since it premiered in 2007, Mad Men has been hailed as one of the greatest shows ever made. Mad Men is set in the 1960s at the fictional advertising agency Sterling Cooper on Madison Avenue in New York City, and later at the firm Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The show’s protagonist is Don Draper, the...

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