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  • July 16

2016-2017 Staff

Natalie Horn

Entertainment Editor

Natalie Horn, a coffee enthusiast / senior, feels blessed to be one of the entertainment editors for this school year. You may find Natalie waitressing at Town & Surf diner, or running in circles around the football field for f...

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Maia Franco

Opinion Editor

Maia Franco is a junior at South and the opinion editor of the Eagle Eye. She is excited to be working on such a diverse and fun section this year. Maia spends most of her time doing piles of homework and being actively involved in ...

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Kara Gillmann

Entertainment Editor

Kara Gillmann is a senior at South and co-editor of the entertainment section of The Eagle Eye. Besides writing for the paper, she plays field hockey and is a co-president of the Science Honor Society. She can usually be found w...

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Matthew McGrath

Sports Editor

Matthew McGrath is a senior at Middletown South and is also the co-sports editor, along with Ayo Oladeji, for the Eagle Eye. Matt is not your run-of-the-mill teenager, as he loves things that most Americans hate like soccer and ...

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Allison Straub

Feature Editor

Allison Straub is currently a senior who is maintaining her reign as feature editor this year. You may know her from her passive aggressiveness at Spanish Honor Society meetings, Tweeting feminism rants, or, most famously, havin...

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Kylie Mandeville

Managing Editor

Kylie Mandeville, senior, is the managing editor of the Eagle Eye. “This year will be different” is what she says, when she knows it will be exactly the same. Of course she has put off taking the ACT again until the end of ...

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Sean Cuddihy

News Editor

Sean Cuddihy is a senior and is feeling neutral about being a news editor. He is most likely going to be studying film and television production in college with a concentration in televised news. The true passion of Sean though...

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