The Underground


Sam Abate

Top left, Zachary Alexander. Top right, Maria Alvarado. Bottom left, Erika Hallenbeck. Bottom right, Bobby Lussier.


The Underground, as some may know, is an outlet for performers to express their talents in a lyrical fashion. This year, the event took place at 5 o’clock on June 11th in our school’s cafeteria.  If you are looking for magic tricks and rabbits being pulled out of top hats, this is not your type of show. This year’s set of performers were extremely talented and put on an amazing show.  Performance types ranged from beautiful acoustic songs to powerful pieces of poetry that made your heart melt.

Dan Corey’s ‘sun in his smile’ and ‘fire in his eyes’ grasped the audience’s attention with his reading of “Phenomenal Woman” because, that’s him!  Toni Costa and Elissa Frantino looked so perfect standing there even though they were not in American Apparel underwear. Lastly, this year’s Mr. South, Zachary Alexander, completed his last live performance within our school’s walls.  This year’s underground was a huge success and we hope to see you there sharing the experience with us next time!

P.S. – The Underground is run by the Subterranean, our school’s literary magazine.  If you are interested in joining (which you should be), they meet after school until 3 o’clock every Thursday in Ms. Grimm’s room; all are welcomed.