Artist of the Month: Front Porch Step

Yet another acoustic project has entered the music industry, consisting of just Jake McElfresh and his acoustic guitar. Last year, Jake released his debut album, Aware.

“Aware,” is an album full of raw, emotionally charged punk-folk vocals. On top of that, the instrumentals are the alluring melodies of an acoustic guitar. McElfresh released his debut EP, Endearment in 2012, followed shortly by another EP, So Help Me God. After releasing the two, he received a lot of online praise for his YouTube rendition of the song “Island of the Misfit Boy,” which caught the ear of Pure Noise Records and eventually landed him a record deal.

The first time I heard Front Porch Step’s music, the acoustic guitar and unique vocals were not the only thing that attracted me. It was the riveting and consequential lyrics of the songs. These lyrics include, “And I wait for the bus but I’m not on the bench, I’m just spread across the ground making friends with cement,” and “You’re the angel that gives me reason but I can’t begin to count my demons. Somehow you still keep me dreamin’. You let me know my life has meaning”.

You should definitely take a listen to Aware. Everyone is battling something in their life, and it just so happens that Jake writes music about your battles too.

Aware” by Front Porch Step