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The long awaited season premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show is finally upon us.  Fans of the television series have been waiting approximately eight months for the show to return to FX. Its season premiere is on Wednesday, October 8th at 10PM. After reading multiple critic reviews and knowing the abilities of the entire production team, I can promise you that this show will be worth staying up past your bedtime.

For those who have never watched this show, it is completely possible to start this upcoming season without watching the previous ones.  American Horror Story, unlike others, premiers each season with its own separate story containing different characters, setting, and plot to follow along with.  For instance, the second season was appropriately named Asylum since the majority of the season took place within an asylum.  This season is reportedly one of the most terrifying seasons yet.  That’s something to get excited for, right?

Freak Show takes place in the year of 1952 in Jupiter, Florida, where one of the few remaining freak shows exists.  As a result, the members of this freak show will do anything in their power to keep the business alive. Without the freak show, there would be no hope for these “freaks” to survive.  Some of the freak show members that have been popular amongst the fans have been Bette and Dot Tattler (Siamese twins) and Del Toledo (the strongest man). Other featured characters are the fortune teller, the bearded lady, and many others.

This show will attract viewers who love a show with a unique plot that carries out throughout the entire season.  Freak Show is not suggested for those who cannot handle frightening situations.  In past seasons, this show has been successful in having a satisfactory balance between an interesting plot and the horror aspect of it.  Therefore, if you have a weak stomach, there is no need to worry because this show is still considered TV-14.

As stated before, the show premieres at 10PM on FX this Wednesday, October 8th. Welcome to the Freak Show.