Fall Music Preview

Lucie Mullen, Editor/Staff Writer


As the summer draws to a close, a copious amount of awesome new music springs up, helping students and facility endure the struggles of adjusting to “school-mode”.  Albums by artists; The Killers, Green Day, and Mumford & Sons were released on nearby dates in September.

Battle Born is the fourth album created by the band The Killers. From Hot Fuss, released in 2004, to their new album, Brandon Flowers, the bands lead vocalist, says, “I’ve read more books, I’ve grown, we’ve had more experiences. And we’ve played so many live shows that we can’t help but be more powerful as a band. So hopefully those things should come through on Battle Born.” Brandon’s Springsteen-esque voice and the band’s powerful and creative tunes are evident once more in their latest songs.  The Killers new-aged, dance-punk style shines through once more, but their new songs lack lyrical depth and creativity. Their fanatical synth skills just weren’t enough to pass the bar of expectations this time around.

Rate: C+


The second studio album by the British indie folk band Mumford & Sons, Babel, includes twang-y, foot stomping, jingles as well as soft acoustic and banjo pieces, shown in the songs “I Will Wait” and “Ghosts That We Knew”. Since their first album, Sigh No More sold over a million copies in the US and UK together, the band members were worried that their highly anticipated second album would not reach the standards of their fans. They stuck to their guns, though, and their decision’s outcome was a clear success. They combine profound lyrics with ingenious rhythm to create pieces of art.

Rate: B+ 


Pictures courtesy of billboard.com

The ninth album created by the punk-rock band Green Day, named ¡Uno!, is the first of a supposed trilogy that is allegedly being released from September through January, imgres periodically. Armstrong says he wanted something “‘punchier’— somewhere between early AC/DC and the Beatles.” Green Day’s new album has less political themes than the previous 21st Century Breakdown and American Idiot. Although it features energetic beats, awesome guitar riffs and amazing vocals, as usual, by Armstrong, it will not go down in history as one of the most memorable Green Day albums due to their lack of ambition and generic sound.

Rate: B-


Other albums to check out, with September release dates, are The Sound of the Life of the Mind by Ben Folds Five, Shields by Grizzly Bear, Coexist by The XX, Centipede Hz by Animal Collective, and Night Vision by Imagine Dragons.