Is Season Two of “On My Block” Worth The Watch?


Nicole Guglielmi, Editor in Chief

The core four returns to T.V. as On My Block answers burning season one questions.

*The following article contains major season one spoilers and minor season two spoilers that mostly detail the events of the first episode of season two.*

After viewers were left for almost a year questioning the fate of some of the shows central characters, Netflix original On My Block, released its second season, finally quelling the fears of viewers in regards to the gripping cliffhanger that left the lives of two core characters hanging in the balance.

Season two primarily follows the core four, comprised of fan favorites Ruby (Jason Genao), Cesar (Diego Tinoco), Monse (Sierra Capri), and Jamal (Brett Gray), as they grapple with the loss of their friend Olivia, along with the consequences they face in the wake of her death. While Monse and Jamal hold less stake in her passing, both Ruby and Cesar’s season two storylines are significantly impacted by Olivia’s untimely death as viewers watch Ruby struggle with PTSD and Cesar with the homelessness he faces as a result of the tattered relationship he holds with his brother, Spooky.

Meanwhile, as the storylines of main characters Monse and Jamal are largely a continuation of that of season one, season two also served as a medium to shape new storylines for additional characters, including that of Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia) who often serves as the show’s comedic relief. Yet, despite her comedic streaks, she received her own personal story arc, one that developed a backstory that shares the struggles she faces and the subsequent reasons behind her unique personality. This character development for one of the most comedic characters signified the seriousness that engulfed the season, at a notch higher than the previous.

Yet, despite the sobriety tied throughout the season, certain episodes seemed to lack the depth present in others, making them appear trivial in nature in comparison to other episodes where the magnitude of the teens’ situations was wholly apparent.

Yet, the show stays true to its core, the storytelling that provides representation for youth of color and those living in the hood. It truthfully tells stories of the lives of these kids but it does not simply rely on the bleakness of this reality; the teens of this show are simultaneously dealing with typical teenage problems – romance troubles and friendship and family drama. And, staying true to its riveting season one finale, season two ended in yet another cliffhanger, drawing back viewers for what is sure to be yet another charming ride with everyone’s favorite Freeridge kids.