Free Summer Fun


Courtesy of Google Images

Summer is approaching and there are so many fun things to do, but with most paychecks already allocated to college savings and other expenses,  you might not have money to spend every weekend on entertainment with your friends. Dont worry! I have rounded up my favorite free/cheap activities to do during the summer, that will make you, and your wallet smile!


Do you love the water? Instead of going to the beach again, head up to New York and take kayaking lessons on the Hudson. Lessons are given on Wednesday nights, and you don’t even have to sign up. The program runs on a first come first serve basis and provides the kayaks for you free of charge. Changing rooms are available on site, so all you have to bring is a bathing suit, a change of clothes, and your friends.


Fan of the outdoors? No worries there are plenty of things to do this summer. There are so many hiking trails in New Jersey I can’t even count. My two favorites are The Bayshore Trail (Henry Hudson Trail,) and the Sandy Hook Hiking Trail. When I go to Sandy Hook I usually pack a lunch, and me and my friends ride our bikes along the 6.3 mile trail all the way to the end, then we put a blanket down right next to the water and talk. Its a great way to get exercise while having fun with your friends. Another thing i like to do outdoors in the summer is to take part of free exercise classes offered by Shape Up NYC. It takes part all around New York every week and offers classes like Zumba, Kickboxing, Yoga, and Aerobics. Visit their website to find classes closest to you.


Another option that I enjoy, is volunteer work, it makes me feel good and will look great on my college resume. Some local places you can volunteer are; Lunch Break, The Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, Project Paul, and the Parker Family Health Center. Every year I try and do something good for my town, plus it is also a great way to cash in your community service hours.


One more fun and cheap thing you can do this summer is to stop by one the many free beaches in New Jersey like Sea Bright and Monmouth. And most beaches that require badges stop checking after 5 o’clock.