Top 5 Look-Ups


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Carrel and Tatum in Foxcatcher

Here are the top five topics to put in your search bar this week:

1. Let’s start with something adorable. A well-spoken 5-year-old, Noah Ritter, took Youtube by storm early in August. At a county fair, Noah was stopped by some reporters from a local new station for a quick interview. “Apparently,” Noah was thrilled, and “apparently,” he had never been on “live television before.” Now that Ellen had him on the show, it is easy to say that he is an Internet sensation.

Search: “Apparently Kid”


2. The fall movie season is approaching and all Oscar hopefuls are coming out to expose their chances. The most appealing film, Foxcatcher, tells the dark, true story of the US Olympic wrestling team and coach in the 1990s. Plot and twists aside, the most intriguing aspect of the film is its cast; what appears to a hodge podge of actors in genres outside of their comfort zone. The top three billed actors are Channing Tatum, Steve Carell, and Mark Ruffalo and it is set to be released November 14th. From the fantastic reviews to the encapsulating trailer, this movie is a must-see.

Search: “Foxcatcher Trailer”


3. The US media has been enveloped by pressing issues such as ISIS and other international problems. However, the US, ‘Police of the World,’ have kept one aspect of the world outside of the public eye. Remember Kony 2012? When it seemed that people were learning about genocide  as a way to fit in and hoping that by jumping on the band wagon they would be perceived as  strong humanitarians, but with no tangible change from their ‘efforts’? Well just because the US press has stopped talking about it, does not mean it has stopped. It almost appears that the US gave up trying to quell immoral brutality in Africa long ago. Primarily in northeast Nigeria, an Islamic group called Boko Haram has been terrorizing villages and towns across eastern Africa. The recent spree of lives taken by this group is stomach-turning. Do not ignore mass murder and do not give up on change.

Search “Boko Haram”


4. Youtube is not just great for hilarious videos of kittens or babies saying funny words, but can be educational, as well. One of my favorite science channels on Youtube, Vsauce, puts up thought-provoking videos on subjects not covered in the classroom. Vsauce reminds us that how fascinating the world really is and how much each person can impact our world.

Search: “Vsauce What if everyone jumped at once”


5. The NFL needs to get its act together, or better yet, NFL stars need to focus on the game and stop committing heinous crimes. Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, all accused of some form of abuse, and their cases have all been brought to the public eye. These stories are disgusting; violence needs to stay on the field.

Search: Any of the aforementioned names, their stories will pop up