Clubbing at South: Publications

Clubbing at South: Publications

Sam Walla, Sam Abate, and Ayo Oladeji


Middletown South has a myriad of clubs and activities that students can participate in during and after school hours.  In this series, we will be introducing these extra-curriculars in an organized format based on category that will give you a little insight into what they have to offer.

This article is going to highlight our school’s publications: Aquiline, Eagle Eye, and Subterranean.  Our school’s yearbook, newspaper, and literary magazine are all student run and  provide an outlet for students to become more experienced with writing techniques and computer design.

Aquiline, the school’s yearbook, is advised by Mr. Braunstein who resides in room 153.  They meet on Tuesdays after school and during blocks 3 and 4.  Not all meetings require attendance.  You could yearbookcontribute during block 3, block 4, and/or after school.  Being a part of this publication is a wonderful experience because essentially, members are documenting the school’s history for future generations.  Elements of computer design and photography are used to produce this spectacle that is cherished by South alumni.  Become a historian of Middletown South and join the Aquiline.

The Eagle Eye has got you covered!  And, to state the obvious, that phrase is validated since you are currently reading this article.  The school newspaper is a group of dedicated journalists who want to deliver the voice of the students.  General staff meetings are in room 169, Ms. Durdack’s room, after school on Tuesdays until 3pm, while editorial staff meet B days during advisory.  Aspiring writers congregate at these meetings to develop articles ideas to inform the masses of Middletown South.  If have an interest in writing and informing, reviewing books, movies, restaurants or bands (and so much more)The Eagle Eye is the club for you. Follow us  @MHSSEagleEye

Subterranean, the school’s literary magazine, has a lot of issues (literally).  This student produced publication produces two magazines per year containing student created prose, photography, poetry, paintings, and other mediums of art.  At every meeting, they analyze and critique student work and acquire knowledge pertaining to literary analysis and art critiquing. subterranean Meetings occur every Thursday after school in room 210 with Ms. Grimm.  Students that have an interest in creative writing and art are encouraged to join. Follow @MSsubterranean

(artwork courtesy of Allie Asaro)