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  • July 16

Confabulation Revealed: Mandela Effect

image courtesy of Google images

image courtesy of Google images

image courtesy of Google images

Allison Straub, Feature Editor

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If you’ve been online recently, you’ll notice that everyone has been buzzing about the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect is basically the phenomenon behind large groups of people misremembering facts or events. People are certain they remembered something being a certain way, but are ultimately proved to be wrong. The phenomenon gained its name from South African human rights activist and president, Nelson Mandela. Multitudes of people were certain that Mandela died in prison during the 1980s when he actually died 2013. Many have tried to establish an explanation for this phenomenon. Is there a parallel universe in which these facts and events actually occurred as some remembered? Is there a memory issue plaguing society? Or is the brain simply playing tricks on these people? Maybe the world will never figure out the real reason, but the Mandela Effect is undoubtedly fascinating.

Take a look at the examples below and see if you’ve experienced the Mandela Effect first hand:

Reddi-wip or reddi-whip?

White out or wite out?

Double Stuff Oreos or Double Stuf Oreos?

Kit Kat or Kit-Kat?

Febreeze or Febreze?

Jif peanut butter or Jiffy peanut butter?

The Truth:

The Berenstain Bears


Froot Loops

The Monopoly Man doesn’t have a monocle


Wite out

Double Stuf Oreos

Kit Kat


Jif Peanutbutter

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One Response to “Confabulation Revealed: Mandela Effect”

  1. Scott Finley on January 20th, 2017 9:14 pm

    If you notice, virtually all the “Mandela Effects” are pop culture references. Likewise, virtually all listed “Mandela Effects” either are on the Internet and/or occurred within the last 15 years.

    The “Mandela Effect” is and isn’t misremembering. It is a test run for re-education, because people believe almost everything they read on the Internet. This psychological operation is being used for research purposes. I would argue with nefarious intent. Some people do “misremember” because animal packing instincts kick in when they’re being told nope some person or thing, it’s “Magic mirror on the wall. See this here video on the Internet”.

    My guess is that the Internet or at least a portion of it is either part of an AI brain or being manipulated by an experimentally advanced AI with the capability of changing images, digital recordings, etc. Google has the DeepMind project that is described as the“Manhattan Project for AI”.

    This is far more believable than the space time continuum being disrupted and can actually be proven.


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Confabulation Revealed: Mandela Effect