South Style Trend: Statement Pants

Mary McIlvain, Managing Editor

From velvet scrunchies to stocks with socks, old fashion restrictions have been changing lately. Previous style sins are now trendy, and it seems that society is drawing a majority of its fashion inspiration from decades of the past. Turns out that your parents might not have had the worst wardrobes in their twenties and thirties, because right now, 70s and 90s fashion is all the rage.

Follow any fashion account on Instagram and your feed will be littered with statement pants. Whether flared or fitting, these bottoms come in every color and pattern, and are an essential for fall. Just as comfortable and way more stylish than pajamas, most statement pants give the impression that you are trying much harder than you actually have to.

In years past, a typical outfit would be centered around a statement top with a vivid print or color. While using a shirt or jacket as the focal point of an outfit is still stylish, a few pairs of bold pants can really spice up your wardrobe. From plaid to checkered to striped, these pants look best with a high-waisted fit and a basic plain top. For a dressy feminine look, grab a pair of belted striped pants, matched with a pair of booty heels. For a more laid back look, pair a plain shirt with a plaid pair of pants and some sneakers.

Try not to mix too many patterns with statement pants, as this can risk sending a cute ensemble over the top.  You can get statement pants everywhere, from Urban Outfitters to a local thrift shop.

The examples here, modeled on South students, show just how easy and cute statement pants can be. Perfect for almost every occasion, just about anyone can pull these off. Printed pants can bring some excitement to any boring day!