How to Survive a Large Crazy Family Over The Holidays

How to Survive a Large Crazy Family Over The Holidays


Avery Seldin, Staff Writer

With Christmas almost here, many of us are really excited! Christmas means no school, presents, TV specials, and hot chocolate! For those with big families, parties and get-togethers can go from holly jolly to a Christmas nightmare in a matter of seconds! But never fear, for I have compiled a list of tips in order to survive this holiday!


Get Grandma to Pinch the Little One’s Cheeks

Everyone has had to deal with this. Grandma won’t leave you alone; as soon as she sees you, she won’t stop gushing about how big you’ve gotten as she pinches your cheeks. When you were little, it was fun and a big ego boost; except now, it’s annoying! So what should you do, you ask? Simple, hide behind a younger member of your family! Grandma will see them first and get to them instead! And if you are the youngest? Tough luck!


Have Several Hiding Spots Throughout the House

This one is important. Sometimes, Mom and Dad just won’t let you stay in your room. As such, if you want to test your new gifts, you need to have several spots to hide from everyone. Some recommended ones are:

  • Your room (If your parents haven’t banned it already. You’ll probably still sneak into your room anyway if they have.)
  • A basement (If you have one.)
  • A garage (Yes, I know it will most likely be cold, but that’s what jackets are for!)
  • A closet (Sometimes, desperate measures must be taken.)


Keep Your Presents to Yourself

Nothing is worse than having a gift ruined or stolen from you. Trust me, you don’t want to show the five-year-old your brand new Xbox One and then find them smashing it to pieces. Whatever you do, if the kid won’t be able to avoid touching it or breaking it without you in the room, DO NOT SHOW IT TO THEM! The parents will always take their side saying things like, “Oh, be nice to Billy, he is only a little kid!” Yeah, a little kid that SMASHED MY NEW PRESENT!


Eat as Much and as Fast as You Can

Ah, Christmas dinner, one of the best parts of Christmas. Unless you are picky. But if you don’t want to get stuck with Grandma’s gushing or the little brats wanting to see your presents, be sure to eat fast! To avoid having to return or starving until dessert, eat a lot! I don’t care if you get sick while you do this; LISTEN TO THE CHRISTMAS FAMILY EXPERT!


Christmas is a great holiday, but, for someone who is stuck with a big family over the holidays, these Christmas survival tips for large families are necessary in order to be able to pull through!