Valentine’s Day: Bachelor Edition

The best ways to win over your crush this Valentine's Day

Claire Blose & Olivia Giovannone, Senior Writers

NBC’s The Bachelor is one of the most popular shows on television. It follows the lives of 30 women who are fighting for one man’s heart (that couldn’t go wrong, right?). This season, Colton Underwood, a former NFL player, is the star of the show. He is surrounded by both drama and love, as the women attempt to win him over. Most of the contestants are willing to do anything- literally- in order to get Colton’s attention. With some helpful hints from this season of The Bachelor, you will be sure to win your crush over with these tips!
Bring your dog
You can tell from the first date whether or not you’re wasting your time with your crush; if he doesn’t like your dog then he isn’t the one. Your crush should fall in love with your dog just like he falls in love with you, so why not introduce the two right from the start!
Rating: 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Dress up as a sloth
This Valentine’s Day, you’ll need to stand out in front of your crush. What better way to do that than while wearing a sloth costume? You can be sure that nobody else will have the same outfit as you, and he will ALWAYS remember you.
Fake an exotic accent
Everyone loves an accent! Even if you aren’t from anywhere special, learning how to speak in an exotic accent will be sure to win your crush over. Thankfully, there are many accents to choose from, and Youtube will surely have videos on the topic.
Rating: 🌹🌹🌹
Steal a police car
Arrive in style to your first date! Your crush will love how much effort you put into making sure your first date is memorable. Remember to turn on the sirens to get the full effect. The only reason why we are giving this 2 roses is because this may be illegal…
Rating: 🌹🌹
Make him give you a piggyback-ride
Whether it’s into the restaurant or on your way to the car, your crush will love giving you a piggyback ride! This special moment will be sure to win him over, and make sure you don’t tell him before you jump on his back. Since there are bigger things you can do to win your crush over, we only rated this one star.
Rating: 🌹