Happy Inktober from MHSS!

By: Abigail Heller

By: Abigail Heller

Ana Generelli, Staff Writer

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Reflecting on this past month of October, many things come to mind, Halloween and fall sports games a point of reminisce for many. However, for those interested in the arts, the long-celebrated tradition of Inktober may be what springs to mind instead. If you are not familiar with Inktober, it’s an art challenge that takes place for the entire month of October. The challenge was created by a man named Jake Parker in order to encourage other artists to draw more frequently. Parker’s rules for Inktober are fairly simple: every year a new list is released that includes prompts for each day of October. For each day of the month, you can use the daily prompt to draw or ink a drawing (however, you do not need to use the prompts). After your artwork is complete, you post that drawing to your social media with the tags #inktober and @jakeparker. Since the challenge’s creation around a decade ago, it has gotten incredibly popular, the hashtag #inktober2019 resulting in millions of posts from artists across social media platforms. In fact, this challenge has become so popular that even South students are participating! Below are a few amazing student-drawn submissions for Inktober.