Fall Bucket List


Christopher Hoffman

The colorful leaves are falling off of trees as the windy air calls for a new wardrobe and seasonal lattes. With our favorite season creeping upon us, there are endless amounts of fun, fall-related activities to participate in with friends and family!

-Get new, fall-related clothing (flannels, sweaters)

-Go camping 

-Go apple picking

-Go to a Midd South football game (and dress according to the theme)!

-Watch Halloween movies with friends (with the lights off for an extra scare)

-Eat caramel apples 

-Eat anything and everything with pumpkin in it

-Jump in a pile of colorful leaves

-Go to Fright Fest at Six Flags

-Buy Thanksgiving decorations (especially if you are hosting this year)

-Find new recipes to make on Thanksgiving 

-Go to a haunted house/ trail/ maze

-Make a bonfire / s’mores

-Bake a pumpkin pie

-Carve pumpkins

-Lastly, be sure to tell family/friends how thankful you are for them