Mask-Friendly Halloween Costumes


courtesy HGTV

Mackensie Moyer, Staff Writer

Halloween is here, which means it’s time to dress up. However, everyone still needs to wear a face-covering in public. But don’t worry: Planning a costume that accommodates a mask can be easy. Here are some ideas:

Mummy: For a safe and effective mummy costume, attach toilet paper or gauze to a normal mask. (You can also find ready-made mummy masks.) To finish the look, wear white clothing and wrap strips of gauze or white sheets around you. 

Doctor or nurse: All you need to do is wear a normal medical/surgical mask along with scrubs, which can be purchased from a Halloween store, and a lab coat.

Ghost: Simple and classic, it just requires you to drape a white sheet over your head and cut holes for the eyes. Your mask will be invisible underneath.

Cowboy: Use a bandana as a mask, and wear jeans, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat.

Ninja: Wear a black mask, and all black clothing, black gloves, and a red belt (or purchase a ninja costume from a Halloween store).

Animal: A cat or dog costume is easy to create. Either draw the face of an animal on a plain mask or buy one from Amazon, Old Navy, or Target. To complete the look, wear an animal onesie that matches the mask and/or animal ears. 

And if you’re not into wearing a full costume? You can easily decorate a mask with markers, stickers, and glue-on gems, or buy a Halloween-inspired mask from Amazon or any store that sells them. Just make sure that you wear a CDC approved mask.