Inside South’s Chess Club


Lola Vargas, Staff Writer

The newest activity to gain popularity at South? Chess. During the pandemic, many people spent their time taking up hobbies and learning new things, such as this age-old game. And this year, South’s chess club has attracted many new members. Anyone of any skill level can join this club. Chess can involve playing all different versions of chess that challenge a person’s skill as they play. This can include doing speed rounds, cross chess, and overall just playing someone of higher skill.

“Some of the members of the club are new to chess and learning as they go,” says teacher Mr. Romano, the chess club advisor. “Many of the new members of the club informed me they started playing during the pandemic either with family members or online.”

According to Mr. Romano, there are more than 40 students actively involved in the chess club. It’s not hard to see why: Chess is a great relaxing game, and playing it more quickly increases one’s skill level. Mr. Romano anticipates that chess club will continue to attract new members.

“I would like to see the chess club continue to grow,” he says. “Chess can be intense but also very relaxing which makes it a great activity.”