Instagram Accounts for Middletown South Prom 2023

Vanessa Kaszuba, Staff Writer

Straight after the New Year, the students at Middletown High School South rolled directly into the excitement of Prom 2023. Both the Junior and Senior classes have dates set and are anticipating the event. Two Instagram accounts have been conceived for the occasion, one for the senior class and one for the junior class. Both accounts post all of the different dresses that students plan on wearing to the event.

The way the account works is simple. You go out, look for a dress, and then send a message to the account with a picture of the dress you bought. After that, the photos are posted for everyone following the account to see. However, the bigger question about this is why these accounts exist; are they really useful?

The accounts @mhssjuniorprom24 and @mhss.seniorprom23 on Instagram were created to display the dresses of the juniors and seniors attending prom. This can be useful for so many reasons. The account is meant to assure that no one will be wearing the same prom dress and everyone can feel unique. Along with that, the account helps people decide which dresses to buy based on everyone else’s style choices. Isabella Campion, a Junior at Middletown South says. “Yes, I think it’s pretty useful because I think you need to see what you like and what you don’t.” 

The account also gets girls excited about the event. Julianna Hooks, another Junior at Middletown South, says, “I like the account a lot; it’s really fun looking at all the dresses. I like seeing what everyone’s getting.” Overall, the account is useful, it assists girls in finding a unique dress while also inspiring others who are still out there looking.