Welcome to the World Wide Web

Aisha Bhoori , Co-News Editor

Photo courtesy of Google images.

The Eagle Eye is enthused to announce its transition to the world wide web of wonders. This progression is a natural step in a society that champions online newspapers such as the Huffington Post; nonetheless, it is one that comes as a surprise for a newspaper that has been in print since Mr. McKenzie has been enlightening students on the significance of salutary neglect. Ms. D’Urso, the open-minded co-advisor of Eagle Eye, asserts that such a development is both inevitable and unconventional: “The evolution of electronic publishing is a necessary evil. While I still cling to my printed texts, I realize that, both financially and logistically, this needed to be done; however, I believe the reluctance to convert to the online medium  arises from the fact that it involves breaking from tradition. No one likes to delve into the unorthodox.”

As unorthodox as the electronic print may be, the Eagle Eye is more than ready to spread its wings and elevate to a higher standard of journalism through the web.  While nothing can replace the tangible crinkle of a paper or the invigorating waft of “hot off the press” news, the electronic medium offers such innovations as a “sports center” that relays up-to-date results  (watch out ESPN). Ms. D’Urso recognizes the elasticity of this shift: “The electronic medium offers new avenues for exploration. By complementing our daily lives, it allows us to synthesize both an inherent technological understanding as well as a journalistic urge to achieve a higher style of writing.”

While the electronic print is certainly beneficial to the editors of Eagle Eye who are eager to capitalize ontechnical novelties, it also yields an all-encompassing, Samaritan effect.  Middletown High School can collectively gain from the new mediums through which the Eagle Eye will relate news. It is this genuine satisfaction with knowing the South community will profit that delights Mrs. Durdack, the tireless co-advisor of the Eagle Eye: “I think this transition is exciting and it is going to give our newspaper the opportunity to relay more news, feature, entertainment, and sports articles to the student body on a timely basis.”