Smashing School Success: the Highlights of “Cabaret”

The Kit Kat Klub dancers perform their kickline during Mien Herr. All photos courtesy of Tammy Marsini.

Michelle Jin, Editor-in-Chief

After months and months of practice, long drawn out rehearsals and even a special preview showcase at the Middletown Public Library, “Cabaret” finally opened in the school’s theater on April 11, 12, and 13. All of the energy and effort put into this production undoubtedly paid off when it was met with a packed house and thunderous applause for each showing.The audience was enraptured by the amazing talent displayed by the students who made up the cast and crew.

Much praise and admiration can be said for the whole cast. However, one of the standout stars of the night was definitely one of Eagle Eye’s own, sophomore Elias Kotsis, who was electrifying in his role as the Emcee. He captured the audience’s attention whenever he came on stage and demonstrated his excellence as a triple threat through his singing, acting, and dancing.

Emily Keefe was equally as memorable in her lead role as Sally Bowles, the very last character she’ll play for South’s theater productions before she heads off to college next year. When asked to reflect on her experience in “Cabaret,” Keefe said, “It was such a blessing to be able to work with such a talented group of people and we were all so lucky to have the opportunity to come together and create such a wonderful piece of art. Working on “Cabaret” was unforgettable experience and will remain in my heart forever.”

Another cast member, Jessica Fisher, who played the character of Lulu, offered a glimpse on how it felt to be part of the production.

“It was truly an experience-getting up in the morning”, she stated. “Thinking I have rehearsal today is one of the best feelings in the world to me…To have the opportunity to perform a show written in remembrance of a devastating historical event was an interesting and enlightening experience that truly changed me as a person. Overall, this was my favorite production I was ever involved with, which was filled with memories I’ll never forget.”

No doubt the successful run was a triumphant way to mark the end of a long but rewarding experience for everyone involved in the musical. Check out some of the highlights of “Cabaret” in the pictures above!