Much More Than Just One Page


Elias Kotsis

A behind-the-scenes post-selife look at the cast and crew of the One Page Play Festival

The Southside Theater was buzzing with talent and excitement on Friday night during the two performances of the fifth annual One Page Play Festival. The festival is a major fundraiser for the drama department, and a great opportunity to get your drama fix between the fall play and the spring musical.The producer of the show, senior Tara Kinsella, stepped onto stage before the first play began to say a few words. “The great thing about this production is that it’s completely student-driven. It’s a great opportunity for us, as students, to do something on our own.”

The show featured forty-one plays, written by freshmen and alumni alike, bringing all kinds of students together.

“It’s where a lot of Freshman get their first start in the drama program,” says director Kayla Mingino, a junior. “I got my start here. It’s great for people who are afraid to act in front of a crowd. It’s just one page, so anyone can do it!” The production clearly reflected the accepting, art-focused atmosphere of the drama department. All those involved revealed their passion for putting on an entertaining show for the community to enjoy.


Interested in writing a play for the sixth annual One Page Play Festival? Submit your plays to Mr. Kozak at [email protected]