Student Talent Showcased at the Live Show


Courtney Lepine, Opinion Editor

On Thursday, January 7, Middletown South had its annual Live Show. The production was  put on by the Senior Executive Board. Most of the performances were our talented musicians and singers. The performance that closed the first act consisted of lively singing and dancing to the Michael Jackson classic, “Thriller.” Giulio Bianchi entertained the crowd by reenacting iconic movie scenes. Kaeleigh Spreen sang “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” by Carole King as Sam Brasco accompanied her on piano and “And I Love Her” by The Beatles with Danny Baker, Noah Rappel, and Stuart Scarangella.

Spreen said, “It was really cool because the first performance was mainly focused on the instruments, while the second one was more acoustic. I would have to say it wasn’t like any other performance I’ve done because the mood of the songs I do are usually pretty consistent as well as the instruments behind them, but in this performance I was able to experience two completely different sides of the spectrum. I was collaborating with different musicians than I usually do, which made it a different experience.”

Great job to all of the performers, and thank you to everyone who came out to support!