Who Are You Voting For?


Allison Straub and Sean Cuddihy

The upcoming election has been dominating the news in the past weeks and will continue to dominate the news until we have our new president. There are candidates you love and those you love to hate. Interested in knowing who fellow people of South are rooting for? Take a look below!


Who are you rooting for in the upcoming election and why?


Ms. D’Urso

Ms. D’Urso is still unsure of whom she is voting for. She is not too pleased with any of the current candidates and is looking forward to seeing who will be the third party candidate for the election.


Erinne Benedict

“I’m thinking Rubio right now because I don’t support Clinton or Trump so I think voting for another Republican is my best bet if Rubio stays in the race. If Bloomberg ran I’d definitely vote for him.”


Jason Pfeffer

“Bernie Sanders; his economic policies and social reforms appeal to my ideals. As a junior in High School the possibility of a free college tuition is very appealing. College will be a debt that I’m going to have to carry with for a large part of my life. If even one or two years of my college career are free I will be saved years of paying off debt.”


Izzy Mingino

“Not Donald Trump. I feel like everyone thinks he is going to fix the economy, but he doesn’t know anything about politics.”


Brian Kreimer

“Trump! He’s going to make America great again.”