The Evolution of the IPhone and Its Newest Edition: The iPhone 7


Apple Inc

iPhone 7

Nicole Guglielmi, Staff Writer

Throughout the years, the iPhone has revolutionized the world of technology and more importantly our communication. The iPhone has evolved both in physical design and technological features. Now iPhones are the highest grossing line of cellphones and Apple – the company who created iPhones – is the wealthiest business around with a whopping revenue of over 200 billion dollars. Recently the iPhone 7 – the newest update of the highly favored company – was released and people are going crazy about its new features. Like all the other iPhones in the past it was highly anticipated, although this iPhone in particular did receive some bad buzz.

In 2007 the first iPhone ever was released. The iPhone 1 was a particularly small phone compared to Apple’s later models. Its height was 4.5 inches tall and its width 2.4 inches wide. It was an instant success, selling 6.1 million units of the phone. It came with only one color option; a silver back with a large black strip at the bottom. The iPhone was the first cell phone ever to come out with a full frontal touch screen that controlled everything including typing (all other smartphones at the time had physical keys under the screen for typing). Now the iPhone 7 is 5.4 inches tall and 3.1 inches wide – a noticeable difference in size since the first iPhone. Throughout the years the smartphones have grown in width and have become longer, and varied in color and shape.

The iPhone 7 was highly awaited for many reasons. Although there are some new features to the phone that may scare off possible consumers. The new iPhone is now water-resistant, has a longer battery life, and an improved resolution camera. Two new options were even added to the color selection: a glossy jet black and a sleek matte black. These new color selections were added to go along with the rose gold, silver, and gold options. Although the new feature many people are disappointed in is the removal of the headphone jack at the bottom of the phone and the fill-in of the wireless headphones. These $159 ‘airpods’ need to be charged daily which may prove to be a bit of a hassle for some buyers. Although if the headphone issue is not a problem to you there are many new features that may be appealing to you and many other customers. Besides the new and enhanced camera, and water-resistance feature there is also an improved home button and a stereo sound. The home button is now click free. Essentially the home button is enacted just by touching the surface, meaning there is no need to press hardly to open your phone. With the boosted stereo sound feature the sound quality is 2x better making the headphone jack much more dispensable. And of course because it is a new phone model there will be a faster loading system. Another plus side to the new model is the 2x zoom effect when taking photos. This effect enables you to zoom in even more when taking a photo then it was possible in previous models. These are just many of the stunning new features of the iPhone 7. While there are some unique updates to the phone that do not leave many customers happy, it seems like this iPhone 7 is one of the most enhanced iPhones in the history of iPhones and it does not look like it will disappoint.