Senior Flex: Everything You Need to Know

Recently, current Middletown High School South juniors gathered together in the gym in anticipation of a presentation that would soon offer a unique senior year class set-up, one that has never been offered to MHSS students. This newly established program was introduced as Senior Flex, and provoked major curiosity amongst those in the audience.  
This untraveled college alternative was presented as Senior Flex, a pathway that will allow students who choose to participate and are accepted into the program, to leave school early or attend school late, in order to take part in an internship or job of their choosing. As of right now, students are required to take a 40 credit schedule but with the opportunity of Senior Flex, those participating can take a reduced course load.
The internship opportunity boasts a wide variety of benefits, including that of the ability to experience “real-world workplace experiences,” as the powerpoint presentation posted on the district website explains. In addition, students have the opportunity to pursue both community service and paying job opportunities, and with their less rigorous workload, benefit from increased time to work on improving their SAT and ACT scores.
Although Senior Flex can prove to be a great option for those who are not necessarily considering the college path, guidance counselors heading the program made it clear that Senior Flex is not the ideal option for those considering attending a four-year college, especially one that has a competitive admissions process. The powerpoint advises that students talk with college admission counselors before participating in Senior Flex, in order for them to grasp an understanding of how taking on a reduced course load could affect their prospects of college admission.
Those considering Senior Flex must obtain parent signatures in order to participate in the pathway. Permission slips, that must be signed by not only a parent/guardian but by your guidance counselor and a school administrator, were due March 1st.
In addition, those considering Senior Flex must be able to provide transportation for themselves, therefore, necessitating that all students considering the program have filled out South’s parking application if they are not able to receive transportation through a riding service or friend/family member.
As of right now, only current juniors are allowed the option to participate in this pathway as it is only available for next year’s South seniors.
For those interested, the Powerpoint in which more information is detailed is linked here: