Sushi Comes to South

Now, get a taste of Asia in the cafeteria!

This upcoming Wednesday, March 20th, South students will be greeted with a brand-new item on the menu: sushi. Now, every Wednesday, students will have the opportunity to dine and enjoy the seafood here at South.  
Partnering with local restaurant, Matata Asian Cuisine, the school will receive these new menu items, including California rolls and cucumber avocado rolls, from the business, which will be served during blocks three and four.
Jessica Ritz, director food services, said, “We were looking for partnerships with local restaurants, as well as just something different that the kids would like to eat. We know that sushi is a popular item and we found a way to do it with a restaurant where it would work for the kids as well…”
The unprecedented news of sushi now being offered at South has provoked curiosity among students, many of whom are excited to be able to enjoy the newest lunch-menu addition while within the confines of school. One MHSS student, junior Sara Ragab, shared her thoughts with The Eagle Eye: “Honestly I think it [will be great to add] sushi to the lunch menus since many people enjoy it, including myself!”
Ritz is anticipating a great response to the new menu items from South students. “I mean, I’m hoping it’s super popular and we sell out,” she laughs. “But, you know, we’re doing it the first week where the world market station, will have other Asian-inspired foods. So it kind of goes with the theme for the week. So we’re just hopeful that the kids like the choices that we made and are happy to see a local restaurant being featured in the school.”
South’s new sushi menu will include a California roll, cucumber & avocado roll, and a sweet potato cucumber avocado roll. Each roll will cost $6.50 and will be served with bottled water, soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger. Rolls will be packaged and delivered by Matata.
If you are inexperienced in the realm of sushi and want to try it, Ritz says, “there are two rolls that are just vegetables, so that is a great way to kind of dive into sushi, and see if you like it. And then the California roll has the crab meat in it, which is very mild and is not like a fishy-flavored item.”
For those interested, stop by the cafeteria this Wednesday and try out South’s new sushi!