Climate Activists Take on NYC


courtesy The Guardian

Activists participate in the Global Climate Strike in New York City on September 20

Morgan Barnes, News Editor

With climate change on the rise and on the minds of many, people around the world have taken action toward fighting what some say is a real crisis for our environment. Greta Thunberg, a sixteen-year-old environmental activist, is leading a strike this Friday, September 20 in New York City’s Foley Square, near the New York County Supreme Court. According to CNET, the strike will begin at 12 noon. Similar strikes will occur in New Jersey as well in Princeton, Red Bank, and Rutgers in New Brunswick. The Red Bank Climate Strike is to take place on Friday, September 20 at Riverside Park (54 W Front St) at 5:00 PM. Join the activism and millions of people across the globe in the fight against further deterioration of our world and the movement to rebuild it from the literal ground up.