Summer Jobs Hiring Now!

Ella Cascone, Opinion Editor

Summer is approaching which means no school, more free time, and possibly the ever so intimidating job search. Finding a part-time job as a teenager can be difficult and the pandemic only makes this task that much more difficult. Having a little pocket change is never a bad thing; however, there are only so many jobs that fit the criteria for us teens. Here is a list of all the places hiring now for the summer season:

  1. Jenkinsons’ Amusement Park: The amusement park we all grew up going to as children is now hiring for many summer positions. These include restaurant positions (16+), ride park operators (16+), beach attendants (14+), and arcade attendants (16+). They have an outdoor job fair event on April 24th and 25th from 12-4 pm. Check out their website for more information.
  2. Six Flags Great Adventure: This amusement park is also accepting applications now for the 2021 season. They are looking for a variety of positions such as ride operators and food court employees. Check out their website for the super simple application process.
  3. Middletown Recreation Summer Camp: If you are over the age of 16, you’re in luck! Middletown Recreation is currently looking for counselors for this upcoming summer. They have group interview dates throughout April which can be found on This job is Monday through Friday from 8:15 am to 12:45 pm. 
  4. Driftwood Cabana Club: This one is for the seniors looking for a job, as you have to be 18 or older. Driftwood is looking for someone to work as a front desk receptionist, perfect for spending some time outside while also enjoying the shade when you need it! Apply on
  5. Goldfish Swim School: This is the perfect starter job, as you can be 14 to work here as a swim instructor/lifeguard. They are always hiring and will assist you in obtaining your lifeguard certification. Apply at 
  6. Edgewater Beach Club: If you are looking to spend as much time outside as you can, consider being a lifeguard at Edgewater Beach Club in Seabright. You must be at least 16 and have valid CPR and first aid certifications, as well as your lifeguard certification. You can apply on 
  7. Rolling Hills Day Camp: Though a little farther away, in Freehold, this summer camp is currently looking for swim instructors/waterfront staff! You can apply at

This list of jobs is perfect for those who like spending time in the sun and soaking up every last ounce of summer… while also making a few bucks. Now is the perfect time to apply for these positions. Good luck!