Showcasing Middletown: South’s Media Center Contest


Freshman Saige Kreindler’s winning photo for the contest.

Meghan Merlino, Online Editor

Middletown South’s media center, headed by media specialist Christine S. Nagy, recently hosted a fall photography contest. The theme was to showcase Middletown and exemplify its beauty in photo form. The winners of the contest will be printed and displayed in the South Media Center.

The Media Center Contests are monthly events where students can showcase their talents and skills in a fun and creative way. In the past five years that this contest has been going on, it has not just been photography themes. The themes can range from art and graphic design to coding and 3-D printing. This upcoming month will be a poetry slam, so the contests have something for everyone. They are a great way to get the student body involved in the school and our town. Sometimes, there are over five hundred entries.

“I personally do not decide the winners, I decide on what the challenge is going to be. Mr. Seigel, who is our educational technology specialist, helps come up with ideas as well. There is a panel of judges who decide the winners. I have a group of media center interns who are students here at South, and together we have a media center challenge committee. They do the judging unless they enter the contest themselves that month,” Nagy explains.

Students had until October 22 to enter the contest. Freshman Saige Kreindler won this year’s contest for her photo of horses grazing at a Middletown farm. She won a $50 Amazon gift card as her prize.