Computer Science Education Week

Andrea Valentino, Co-Editor in Chief

Computer science education week is an event held this year from December sixth to twelfth. This week is dedicated to teaching computer science. According to CSEdWeek’s website, this year’s theme “highlights the impact that computer science is making everywhere and the relationship that computer science has to different subjects, industries, career paths, and our everyday lives.” Computer science education week hosts multiple events such as the hour of code, which allows participants to develop video games using Microsoft’s MakeCode Arcade platform. This year’s make code theme is examining how technology can help combat climate change. Participants will code a game with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade that replicates a forest fire, and then code their air tanker plane to spray water and combat the flames. 

In addition, Microsoft is also offering a Game Jam. The instructions are as follows: “Create a game that helps others understand the impact of behaviors on our planet and how we must take bold action immediately.” This allows participants full creativity to focus their project on an area of their choice. For instance, participants can make their game about the importance of renewable energy, or they can design a game that shows the dangers of rising sea levels. Working with others is encouraged for this challenge. All participants must submit their projects by midnight on December 17th for their projects to be entered. Additionally, companies such as Code Ninjas are offering free opportunities to anyone who would like to learn more about computer science. Those interested can become involved using the link