New Mask Rules in Middletown


South 10th graders enjoy going maskless (or not!).

Staff Writers

Monday, March 7th was the first school day at Middletown South in almost two years that wearing masks was optional. Many students and teachers agreed it was refreshing to see people’s faces and smiles that day; some were more cautious and chose to continue to wear their face covering. To most, it felt like a new beginning, and the overall energy of the day was unmatched. Here’s what a few students at South had to say about it:

“I am very happy about the mask mandate being lifted. At the same time, I feel like I don’t even notice that it is gone. Sometimes I forget that I’m not wearing a mask anymore. But I am glad they are gone, it is nice to see people’s faces again.” – Krista Kozak, senior

“I still don’t know how to feel about it. For one, I’m glad to be getting back to ‘normal.’ Students seem less reluctant to participate in class, and the energy in the building is more cheerful. On the other hand, I’m nervous that with everyone unprotected, COVID cases could spike. It’s definitely interesting, and I’m excited to see how it all plays out.” -Meghan Merlino, sophomore

“The energy of the first school day without masks was unlike others, everyone seemed to be in a great mood. I haven’t seen that many students smiling in years, so it was very refreshing.” -Emily Strom, senior

“I was very skeptical to go to school without a mask just because I’m so used to it and I always want to take others into consideration, especially for something that is so serious. After a long internal debate, I decided to go maskless. It’s kind of nerve-wracking but refreshing in a way. I’m happy to not have to raise my voice so much for people to hear me.” -Adriana Vargas, junior

“Although strange at first, class is more engaging because it’s easier to read people’s expressions. This can be helpful in more discussion-based classes where conversation is at the forefront.”- Kristin Barrett, senior

“It is very refreshing to see everyone’s face and not have to be hidden behind a mask. It also has brought out a lot of happiness within everyone when I see all the smiles in the hallways instead of smiles from your nose up.”- Juliana Simon, sophomore

“When I saw everybody with their masks off for the first time in full this year, it was a breath of fresh air. The smiles, the laughs, all the emotions you can see in a face were back and it was just a great feeling. I hope we can maintain the lifted mask mandate and the future looks bright.” –Rob Cangelosi, senior

“Normal life is not the one we have experienced since March of 2020. To see everything slowly begin to get back on track is a massive relief and brings a smile to my face that I am glad everyone at school is now able to see again!” -Anthony Sogluizzo, Senior