New Sports Fan

Sean Cuddihy, News Editor

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As someone who hates sports and has only been to football games for marching band and club fundraisers, I never thought I would find myself at a basketball game. One Friday night, however, I found myself being dragged to the game by peer pressure from my friends. I am not against the school; I just do not like sports. Any time I had the opportunity to go to a game I chose not to because I had other stuff I would rather be doing. Yet there I was in the bleachers watching the game with my friends. I was going into the game with an open mind, it was a girls varsity game and I knew a few of the players and the coach, Mr. Brennan, so that personal connection I figured would help me to enjoy the game. Once the game started I could not deny this energy that was flowing through me, I was really getting into the game. Every time South had the ball I was excited and whenever there was a missed shot and the other the team got the rebound my heart sank. For some reason, the stakes became all too real and I realized why I cared so much. The people playing in front of me were not getting paid millions whether they won or lost, they were playing to win because that was the only reward they would get. There would be no paycheck, no sponsorship, or no parade if they won, they were just playing for that win. In the second I realized that I could not bear the thought of them losing. In the middle of the second quarter I could feel the tension as Mr. Brennan gave them some motivation to win or their season would be over soon. After half time South made huge gains and started beating the other team with almost double their points. Even from the sidelines it felt amazing to watch these players win and when the final buzzer went off I could not believe how I felt.
As a person who used to hate sporting events, I recommend going to a high school game because there is a passion and energy that is not seen in college or major league games. It is exhilarating to cheer your team on when they only thing they are playing for is the win.

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