South’s Take on “West Side Story”


Jewel Andersen and Miya Goff

This year’s spring musical took a breathtaking and innovative spin on the classic show West Side Story. Unlike in the original musical, South’s drama teacher, Mr. Kozak, decided to give every cast member an equal opportunity to showcase their variety of talents by playing multiple characters throughout the show. Instead of casting one person to play each role, the characters were embodied by a costume that was put on many different actors and actresses. The leading roles were no longer confined to one image of a character, rather, the show was open to interpretation and made room for diversity.

Along with this unique approach, the musical also offered beautiful dance numbers with phenomenal choreography crafted by Ms. Fischer. “…I was able to create something that was really mine, something that I found to be aesthetically awesome…In some numbers there was a ballet piece while dancers were tapping at the same time, because I wanted to involve a lot of different styles. I really just wanted to include as much of me as I could while still keeping the best parts of the original show,” Fischer described when interviewed about her choreography. The dancers were graceful and glided across the stage with ease. The audience was captivated and in awe of their synchronization. Cast members held their performances to a high standard and left a mark with their incredible voices. This play offered something for everyone and was, overall, a delightful experience to watch.