South Students Speak on Virtual Learning

Ella Cascone, Opinion Editor

For students at Middletown High School South, March 13th, 2020 was the last time school felt “normal.” Even at that point, everyone was beginning to talk about the coronavirus, as they were told it would be a two-week break from school. However, no one truly knew what would soon be in store. The world has changed drastically since March, but the main thing that has affected adolescents is the change in schooling. Most of a young adult’s time is spent at school. It makes up a big part of their lives, whether they like it or not. The effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the education system is huge for teenagers. Here is what some of Middletown South’s own students had to say:

“So far the school year has been pretty good for me.  I think in terms of the workload it is a lot easier and a lot less stressful because of the half days. The environment is a lot different than last year and takes some getting used to, but it is manageable.” – Madison Moyer, Sophomore

“The limitations of this year have made normal aspects of my freshman experience like navigating the school extremely difficult.” – Ariella Mahn, Freshman

“I enjoy the school cohorts because it allows me to manage my time more effectively. With this extra time I am able to study and do other activities I couldn’t normally do during the school year.” – Sarah Cassidy, Senior

  “I feel very stressed about this school year. It’s been a hard transition from going almost 7 months with no school at all and then just jumping in at full speed ahead.” – Caitlyn Cusack, Junior

“The start of my freshman year has definitely been different than previous years, wearing a mask has made it difficult to speak, answer questions, and even make new friends. Being in school virtually is fun, yet causes many frustrations due to technological issues. Overall, I think this year will be unforgettable although it is challenging I hope to make the best out of it” – J Fielding, Freshman 

“As a junior at South, virtual learning is definitely very hard for me. Junior year is a lot of work by itself and the most important year of high school.” – Hallie Rowland, Junior

“So far high school at South has been going good. It’s very different from Middle School because it’s a lot more challenging. It’s also a lot bigger! I feel that, with the whole Covid situation, it’s not exactly the same experience, [but] it doesn’t feel that way because we don’t know any other way.” – Molly Dougherty, Freshman

“I think class should be all virtual or all in school. It feels alright; it’s just weird.” – Tyler Connell, Junior

“I’m really bored because there is no one to talk to. I find it hard to balance school and swim, but I am surprisingly getting by. I like virtual learning better since I can just sit in my pajamas and drink coffee.” – Amelia Obszarny, Freshman

“The teachers are handling it the best they can, but, sometimes as a virtual learner, the lessons do not come across as clearly as if you were in person.” – Brooke Rutkowski, Junior 

“So far, I don’t really have too many complaints. Virtual can be confusing and unorganized at times, but I understand that it is necessary.” – Jessica Franco, Freshman

“I think it’s going fine. Everything is really chill and the teachers are pretty understanding.” – Heather DeBartolo, Senior

The reality is that this school year is going to be a lot different than it has been in the past and it seems like the students here at South are beginning to realize that.  Though many of them don’t prefer this situation, most realize that it is what has to be done in order to help the greater good. 


Reporting by: Kristin Barrett, Azeonah Bowles, Brooke Novak, Alicia Aponte, Daniel Cassidy, Julia Costello, Antonio Crispino, Christian Huelic, Meghan Merlino, Mackensie Moyer, Juliana Simon, Ava Skelton