Record Broken at Lion Invitational

Norths annual invitational track meet

Courtesy of NJ Runners

North’s annual invitational track meet

A few weeks ago, Middletown High School North held the annual Lion Invitational track meet. Athletes from 68 schools ran, jumped, and threw in sweltering temperatures, with a valiant effort put in by all of the schools that participated. However, there was one event of the day that stood out beyond the rest. Olivia Liskowitz, a senior at South, shattered the school record for javelin throwing with a distance of 121 feet, 6 inches. She was supported by her teammates, the team’s throwing coach, Ms. Tarallo, as well as the team’s head coaches, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton.

When we asked Ms. Tarallo what she felt when she first heard the news, she said: “I was very excited. The whole field was screaming and cheering.  Olivia was unsure whether she had broke the record or not.”  Before breaking the school’s record, Olivia threw 111 ft and 7 inches.   Throwing ten extra feet is a huge deal.  The school’s previous record was 111 feet.  When we asked Ms. Tarallo what her future plans are for Olivia for the rest of the season, she said “ Olivia wants to keep progressing, and hopefully break 130 ft, and she really wants to try to make States. This is definitely an outstanding way to end her high school track and field career! We wish Olivia the best of luck in the rest of her phenomenal season, and we also congratulate all of the other athletes for an incredible performance at the Lion Invitational.”