“It’s About Time” for the 2014 Marching Band Field Show

“It’s About Time” for the 2014 Marching Band Field Show

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Home football games are here, and student’s spirits are as high as ever, for what will hopefully be an exciting season. Every varsity football game, the team is accompanied by the exuberant cheerleaders, the rambunctious Midd South Nation students, and the lively marching band.  This year, the marching band is introducing its first original show.

“It’s About Time” is a show designed by our school’s band director, Mr. Raguseo. It is a field show basically about… well, time!  With selections ranging from Styx, to Chicago, Yanni, and Coldplay, this year’s show is sure to be worth watching every minute.  In the upcoming weeks, the music group will have to practice intensely for competition season, which has already begun.  Every member of the band needed to devote a large amount of their time into this ensemble in order to perfect the musical, physical, and artistic aspects of the show.

Receiving stellar scores from last year’s competition season, they are sure that this show is going to blow the judges away.  “The Nightmare Before Christmas” field show, which was performed during the 2013 sports season, was not only popular amongst the band members, but with the audiences as well.  At the end of the season last year, the band did not end on the note they expected to.  That is why this year, the band plans to work intensively towards its goal of growing together as a band and competing with the sportsmanship that all Midd South sports, clubs, and activities keep at the forefront.

The Screaming Eagle Marching Band are sure to please and we wish them the best of luck when they compete in the multitude of competitions that this season has to offer.