South’s Swimming Sensations

Congratulations to our record breakers.


Left the Right: Katherine Scott, Marirose Fitzpatrick, Annmarie Schnoor, and Melissa Segovia

Amanda Giannattasio, Entertainment Editor

Last Thursday, December 4th,  four members of South’s girls swim team broke Souths existing record (1982) in the 200 medley relay. The meet took place at Souths home pool Raritan Bay YMCA, against Trinity Hall.The girls, Melissa Segovia, Marirose Fitzpatrick, Katherine Scott, and Annemarie Schnoor broke the previous record by four tenths of a second dropping time from a 1:55:46 to 1:55:42.  “It was awesome to break a record with some of my best friends and it was a great way to start my last season.”- Melissa Segovia. “It was awesome that our names are in the record books now, and i’m so proud for it to have been a relay with these three girls.”- Annemarie Schnoor. “I knew we could do it and its awesome to think our names could be the ones up there for another 32 years now representing South.”- Marirose Fitzpatrick. “Its cool to know we made South history.”- Katherine Scott. Overall ,the team won against Trinity 101 to 69. Head coach Denise Skinner said ¨I am beyond ecstatic that they broke the record, and I am looking forward to seeing what other records our team can break this year and in years to come.”