Sportsball with Ayo


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Ayo Oladeji, Sports Editor

As sports editor for the Eagle Eye I am expected to know a lot about sports, and for the sake of this article let’s say I do. Like some people, I do not follow sports heavily. I flip through the ESPN snapchat articles, and watch my family yell at the television. I mean I once came in third in a fantasy football league, so, I know what I’m saying.

In case you missed all the live tweeting, overly cocky Facebook posts, and proud pictures on Instagram, the NFL started its 2016-2017 season this past Thursday, with one of the most highly anticipated games of the entire summer. The Carolina Panthers vs. The Denver Broncos. Yes people have been waiting for this. Now you are definitely wondering what is so great about these two teams, but trust me the beef is there. This past February the Denver Broncos, with their quarterback Peyton Manning (now retired), destroyed the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl (the MOST important game of the entire season). All 32 teams, in the NFL, work towards being just one of the teams in the Super Bowl, but I digress. With the new quarterback, Trevor Siemian, of the Denver Broncos, everyone projected they would lose to the Carolina Panthers, differing from the results of the Super Bowl. I sat through this entire four hour game, and I will be honest I fell asleep occasionally. By the fourth quarter Carolina was up a total of 10 points (one touchdown with extra point kick, and a field goal), the Broncos trailing with only one touchdown.

This is where game got crazy, and I was woken up by my screaming brother. Carolina failed to make a fourth down conversion, which basically is the absolute last chance to pass the line of scrimmage which gives a team four more downs, to pass the next line of scrimmage. If you fail to pass this line in four tries, your team’s turn is over. The ball now goes to the other team. With the ball, the Broncos made a touchdown and the extra point kick. Denver had their kickoff, giving Carolina a chance to get a touchdown. Of course, the Broncos intercept the ball. They basically stole it, so once again they have a chance to score another touchdown. Trevor Siemian (the new guy), surprisingly is able to throw another touchdown. No one believed in this new quarterback, but because of him his team is ahead by one point. There are minutes left in this game, everyone is on the edge of their seat, the stadium fans, coaches, people at home anxious to see what Carolina has to offer. They failed. Absolutely blew it. All they had to do was kick a field goal. One field goal, and they would have redeemed themselves from February. Families destroyed, homes in flames, babies cried, etc, but not really. Cam Newton (quarterback for the Carolina) did cry.

When discussing the game with friends, describe it as brutal, disappointing, painful, unpredictable, or just plain boring. Talk about the fourth quarter, and amazing feat of the Broncos.

Sunday was also filled with interesting stats, bound to make you look like a football fanatic:

  • Drew Brees threw the longest touchdown pass in history at 98 yards.
  • Victor Cruz returned after 700 days and scored the game winning touchdown
  • Russell Wilson sustained an ankle injury.
  • Jimmy Garoppolo led the Patriots to a surprising victory over Arizona.
  • Most Important: Keenan Allen, one of the best Wide Receivers tore his ACL.

Now you’ll understand the confusing world of Sportsball, like me.