The Top 5 Video Game Series in Need of a New Game

Avery Seldin, Staff Writer

Video games are an ever changing media. Some series can always rise to the challenge and continue to produce new games to this very day. Others get swept under the rug and fall out of favor. While some video games deserve to be forgotten, others were amazing game series that were sadly forgotten about or haven’t had a new release in a while. Therefore, here are five series that I believe deserve a new game. A few rules before I begin. First, it has to have been at least five years since the latest game in the series. Second, remakes and collections do not count as a new game. Lastly, spin-offs don’t count unless I am directly talking about that subseries. Lets go!


1.Crash Bandicoot

Last Game Released: 2008

Crash actually has a very good chance of getting a new game, hence why I am talking about him first. Last year, Activision released updated versions of the first three Crash Bandicoot games to critical acclaim and success. As such, Crash now has more fans than ever, and many of these fans, both old and new, would love to see a new game. Personally, I want a game similar to the original three that’s a little easier because these games can get hard. However, seeing as he has just gotten a stellar remake of three of his classics, I think the Bandicoot’s chances are better than ever for a new game.

2. Pikmin

Last Game Released: 2013

Pikmin did have a spin-off released in 2017, but it was rather underwhelming compared to the main series. This is exactly why we need a new Pikmin game. The formula of using an army to gather items and defeat monsters is classic and doesn’t need to change. The games were very visually appealing, so I really want to see what they would look like on the new systems. However, the main reason we need a new game is because the last game in the series, Pikmin 3, ended with three cliffhangers. Hopefully, we will see more of these little guys in the future.

3. Kid Icarus

Last Game Released: 2012

One of the reasons this series may have faded into obscurity is because of the rather unorthodox control scheme in the last game. However, in spite of that, this game, as well as the original Kid Icarus, is considered cult classics by those who have played them. It had a really good story, amazing characters, and some of the greatest writing I have ever seen. If creators were to bring all of these attributes back and rework the control scheme, they would create a fantastic game. Plus, seeing as this game is loosely inspired by Greek mythology, there is plenty of material for a new game.

4. Sly Cooper

Last Game Released: 2013

This series may have one of the weirdest concepts ever thought up for a video game. A raccoon, a turtle, and a discolored hippo are a gang of thieves that steal from other thieves. Yet, it works quite well! Much like Pikmin, the last game ended with multiple cliffhangers that desperately need to be resolved. Much like some of the previous examples, the formula does not need to be changed at all. Plus, there are so many ways to take the story. Not to mention, Sly was one of Sony’s mascots for a while, so maybe he can come back into the limelight?

5. Castle Crashers

Last Game Released: 2008

Ah, Castle Crashers, a game that both improved and ended many friendships. In this zany beat’em up game, you and up to three friends need to save four princesses from the bad guys. After you’ve saved a princess, you have to beat up your friends to see who gets a kiss from the princess. So why hasn’t this game gotten a sequel yet? You don’t even need to change anything, just improve the graphics and let everyone fight over princesses!

As I stated at the beginning, some games deserve to be forgotten about. These five, however, were classics and scores of fans that would love to see them come back. I have personally played four of these and was really interested in the fifth. If any of these developers are reading this, how about a new game?