South Graduate Knowshon Moreno Bursts onto NFL Scene

Middletown South’s prestigious football program has produced a wide array of jaw-dropping talent, but none of this talent has materialized better than that of running back Knowshon Moreno.  Now with the Denver Broncos, Moreno is having a career year, posting stats reminiscent of his days at South; Knowshon has 1,256 total yards this year still with three games remaining, and is a member of the team favored to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

In the midst of his shining moment, let’s not forget Knowshon’s humble origins. The prime of Moreno’s high school football career occurred directly in the middle of Head Coach Steve Antonucci’s decade-long dynasty at South, in which the pro-running back led his team to three consecutive state championships. During his four unprecedented years at South, Moreno ran for an astronomical 6,268 yards, and scored an impossible 128 touchdowns, including 43 in his senior year. These numbers hold most of New Jersey’s all-time high school rushing records, as well as packed the stands at High School South for a significant portion of his four years here.

Knowshon went on to receive a full scholarship from the University of Georgia, where he qualified for Second Team All-American and warranted a first round draft pick from the Broncos. Moreno’s first few years in the league were littered with nagging injuries, delaying him from fulfilling his potential. However, this year has allowed Moreno to blossom, primarily thanks to quarterback phenomenon Peyton Manning. Manning is arguably one of the best football minds of all time, and Moreno has undoubtedly found benefit from playing right next to him this year. Knowshon is likely to represent Denver in the Pro Bowl this year in Honolulu; who knew that a Middletown South Eagle would be playing with the game’s very best in Hawaii?