South v North Hockey

Ayo Oladeji, Sports Editor

November 29th at 7:15 South’s Boys Hockey Team played North’s Boys Hockey Team at Middletown Ice World. By 6:45 the line to get in was out the door and down the sidewalk, people stood in the rain, kept warm by their excitement for the game. Fans quickly filled the seats steamed with anticipation to see which rival would be the victor. This being my first hockey game ever, I was excited to see what was in store for me. The only thing I have ever experienced in a ice rink before was Disney on Ice, but I do not think the same rules apply. Even though this was my first game, I recommend that everyone should attend a hockey game.

Within the first few minutes of Period 1 North had already scored a goal, striking fear that this game would be a repeat of the Thanksgiving football game. Less than a minute later Ryan D’Emilia scored a goal. Within the first period, South was already up by one goal. South continued to dominate North’s hockey team. Even South’s own Gavin Gulash scored more than three goals which resulted in a hat trick.

South won the game 7-4. Although South is viewed as the more dominant team, North proved to be a good test for the Eagles to start the season. Hopefully this victory over the cross-town rival Lions will propel South towards achieving a multitude of success this season.