“The PA: War Eagle Weekly” #6: Breathe Deep


Danny DeCrescenzo, Sport's Editor

Down goes RFH for the second straight year. Down goes the Shore’s #2. Down goes NJ’s #20.

These Eagles never fail to surprise me.

Without several key players, the Eagles came out on top. RFH played horribly all night on both ends, but all that matters is that Middletown South played well on both ends. TDs by Vinny Condito and Tyler Cuccia, a Chris Lotito pass deflection, and a Mark Tardy pick-six were the plays that made the difference. Middletown South also held Rumson to zero touchdowns. It was a marvelous 20-3 win.

Simply put, the season is saved. The Power Points RFH will yield will make Middletown South’s playoff spot very secure. Cuccia also proved that he is the answer at quarterback, as he was a force when he stuck to his strengths and ran the football. And last but not least, the defensive issues against TRN were solved in spades.

Just like their last win, the Eagles have a bye week before playing a lesser team (this time Brick Township). If the Eagles ensure that history fails to repeat itself, they could enter the playoffs at 3-4 with a chance to do some damage and potentially have a .500 or better year. It all comes down to how fired up the Eagles are, and I’m pretty sure that they are absolutely pumped.