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Kylie Mandeville
Kylie Mandeville is a sophomore at Middletown South and an entertainment editor for the Eagle Eye. She loves to read and is so often engrossed in a novel that some may find her rather odd. Kylie plays field hockey and is a decent goalie. She can also be found on the stage as she had taken part in the Basie-award winning show “Evita” as an ensemble member. Her love for all things entertainment is obvious as she wastes her time watching countless episodes of her favorite shows on Netflix. When she is not watching Bob’s Burgers, you can find Kylie making pottery at Thompson Park on Saturday mornings. She loves watching Audrey Hepburn movies and incorporates elements of Audrey’s style into her own. All things Gatsby and related to the roaring twenties enthrall her and she often wonders if she was born in the wrong era. When school stresses Kylie out (which is often) she tries to escape by going for bike-rides on her coral beach cruiser. Though her poetry is typical of an angsty teen, she won’t stop writing it. Kylie is so ecstatic to finally have an audience to divulge her opinions on books and television shows to besides her sister.

Kylie Mandeville, Entertainment Editor

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Kylie Mandeville