Harvard Hand Out

Harvard Hand Out


Harvard, a renowned and premiere learning institution, has recently been under accusations of falsely grading their students.  Due to the high expectations of Harvard University, some professors have been found to be giving their students A’s, even when the student is not present in class for tests and exams.  The question here remains; are the students benefiting by this process, or is it merely to conserve Harvard’s reputation?


Grades are meant to track a student’s progress throughout the school year.  With consecutive grades, especially an A, there is the possibility that students will become dependent on the stable grade. By the time they proceed into the real world, however, that stability would be no more. Then what?  An institution that is supposed to provide an education forthe highest of intellectuals in our society is ultimately handing out undeserved A’s.  Grades measure a student’s ability to be productive in the future, and if good grades are given to a student who is incompetent, how is that beneficial to other people who may be clients or employees of these “future leaders of America”?

I’m sure many students here at Middletown High School South would love to automatically get A’s on all exams.  On the other hand, this leads to a lack of academic differentiation among the student body.  There are the students who deserve the A’s,  and there are those who do not.

While Harvard is seen as a fantastic school, the full-cost tuition is frighteningly high. While some receive generous financial aid, most students have to pay for their own education. What a waste it would be to go to a school this expensive, just to be coddled and spoon-fed good grades.