Apple Unveils Newest AirPods to Praise and Condemnation Alike

Leili Grzybowski, Staff Writer

Just this past month, tech mogul Apple debuted its newest product: the AirPods Pro, a new and improved version of the original AirPods that alone have made waves in their release and subsequent popularity. Although these long-awaited earbuds share a few similarities with their predecessor, the wireless feature a commonality between the two, the AirPods Pro enjoy a few added features, including a silicone base around the ears, a feature that will give users a better grip, and will hopefully allow the AirPods to stay in place when the user is exercising, or performing other rigorous work. In addition, the AirPods Pro also claim to be noise canceling, a component that will help users block out their surroundings, as well as better hear the audio they are listening to. However, despite these latest additions, many people have been voicing their disapproval of the headphones, many saying that the design is tacky, and subsequently, the earbuds do not look as professional as the previous ones. Besides that, the price for the new Airpods is a pretty steep cost for headphones, prospective buyers looking to shell out $250 for these new tech goods. In comparison, the original Airpods are retailing at around $159 as of right now, so that’s an almost $100 increase.