It’s Raining Cats and Dogs – and Iguanas?

Kylie Swanson

What has many concerned, and some laughing, has pervaded the lives of Floridian Iguanas, many of which are suddenly falling out of trees due to cold temperatures. Since they are cold-blooded animals, the reptiles become immobile when the temperature falls. Consequently, temperatures dropping to as low as 40 degrees in the Southeastern state has caused their blood to stop moving and has led to numerous incidences of seemingly paralyzed lizards. Many videos have been posted in which the frozen animals can be seen losing their grip on small branches, eventually landing to the ground in an incapacitated state. Luckily though, for the most part, the beloved reptiles are usually fine. Necessary critical systems never shut down, and so, once temperatures rise, the lizards will be back to their normal state.