Haikus for Happiness

How writing can make us laugh in a time of social distance


Morgan Barnes, News Editor

It’s hard not to stare at the news all day long to hear updates on COVID-19. People want to be informed. But, too much of the news will get you over-worried. Thankfully, the media hasn’t focused exclusively on the negatives of this pandemic: The New Yorker writer Caroline Lazar wrote a humor article titled “Sheltering in Place at My Parents’ House, in Haikus.” In this article, she wrote 22 haikus all about what it’s like to move back in with your parents because of quarantine. She discusses how her parents keep pestering her about everything from relationships and marriage to the media. So, she wrote haikus to deal with it in a funny way.

Haikus are only three lines with the pattern of 5, 7, 5 syllables per line. In her poems, Lazar perfectly embodies what it’s like to be stuck in a room with family. Click here to read hers and know that we all share the same pain.

Why not try it out? Here is one I wrote myself:

Time to do homework
11:50 PM
Is when I finished

Post yours in the comments–or enter them in the MTPS Virtual Poetry Challenge.