Valentine’s Day Activities Not Just for Couples

Krista Kozak, Senior Writer

Valentine’s day is coming up in a few days, and the people who don’t despise the holiday are wondering what they can do to celebrate. Whether you want to enjoy the day with a significant other or a friend, here are some ideas:

  • Stargazing
    • Looking up at the stars when it is dark at night can be one of the most mesmerizing things a person can do. You can see many constellations in New Jersey, as well as the waxing gibbous moon that falls on the 14th. Dress warm, maybe go to the beach with your significant other or a friend, and see if you can find Orion or the Big Dipper.
  • Movie marathon
    • Almost everybody loves watching movies, so why not make it a marathon? Pick movies you and your Valentines both like and watch as many as you can. They don’t have to be romantic comedies, either–You can choose a Marvel or Pixar movie from Disney+. Make sure to also have snacks!
  • Valentine’s Plunge
    • This one’s for the daredevil Valentines: The Valentine’s Plunge takes place on Manasquan beach this Saturday. It is a fundraiser in support of ALS and includes taking a plunge into the Atlantic ocean. For more information, head to
  • Cook together
    • Most diners are guaranteed to be packed this Valentine’s day. So if you and your Valentine want to avoid the long lines, an alternative is cooking together. This can be very fun and fulfilling, especially to see and eat the finished product. If it comes out tasting bad, order the heart-shaped pizza from Pasquale’s Pizzeria 3.
  • Sunset at the beach
    • Nothing beats watching the sun set or rise at the beach. This Valentine’s day, take your significant other or friend to a nearby beach and watch the sunset together. Take photos, bring food, and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t forget to stay warm, too!
  • Go for a drive
    • This one is for the MHSS students that currently have their license. On Valentine’s day, put together a playlist with you and your Valentine’s favorite songs and go for a drive. Listening to music and going for a drive with a person close to you can be one the most therapeutic things you can do. Get fast food, drive through somewhere fun like Sea Bright, and relax.