Stop Stressing, Start Studying


Emily Strom, Senior Writer

I know how hard it is to complete your assignments when you feel like that’s the last thing you want to do. It’s a daily struggle, especially as a senior this year. I am already committed to college, and often my schoolwork feels optional. But, I am still pushing myself to get my work done and done well. I am motivated by my future dreams of being a successful businesswoman. Since my freshman year, I have used the same studying methods and preparation, ensuring my success over the years. Here are my best tips on making sure you’re getting your work done, too.

I highly recommend creating a study plan the second you find out that you’re having a test; waiting until the last possible minute will never benefit you. For instance, if I find out about a test a week before, I immediately write it down in my phone calendar. I then look at my schedule for that week and see what days I have more free time to study. Then, I plug in possible times I can study and put it on my calendar with alerts to avoid forgetting my test. It is crucial to study for a test over a few days rather than the day before because the constant repetition will make you score better. You will feel a lot less stressed, too. It is extremely helpful to have important dates on your calendarin your phone because it will ensure you never forget about your test.

As for actual studying methods, there are so many different ways to approach them. My favorite method is an app called Quizlet. This app is free to download on the app store, and there is a website as well. You input your terms and definitions into Quizlet, and it gives you multiple learning tools to use, such as flashcards, games, multiple-choice questions, and more! I feel like this is probably one of the best ways to know a lot of material and get it into your brain. It’s nice to have an app on your phone because you can get your studying done no matter where you are. I start by going through the flashcards a few times to familiarize myself with the terms. Then, I use the app’s “Learn” feature, which combines flashcards, multiple-choice questions, and fill in the blank. As you are studying, you are retaining the information as you will likely see it on your test, so it’s highly beneficial. I often share the flashcard sets I make with my friends and classmates, so I am also helping other people, which is a great feature.

Quizlet may not work with all the courses you take, like math. For classes like math, I take a different approach. I will utilize any review my teacher gives me and sometimes redo the test reviews repeatedly without using my notes to make sure I can do the problems independently. In addition, I will then look at all my notes from the beginning of the chapter and view the examples. You definitely should start studying early for tests in math because it’s not always multiple-choice, so you need to know how to solve the problems. Going in for extra help and talking with your teacher if you’re confused is always a great way to feel confident in your abilities and show your teacher that you care.

Honestly, time management is everything. As long as you prepare ahead of time, you are guaranteed success. School can be challenging, and getting good grades is often stressful, but hopefully, with my advice, you will feel prepared and confident going into your next test.